Jersey Bob

Bob Saliga had a dream, and he liked llamas.

Bob Saliga spent most of his life in Rahway, New Jersey. Bob liked that area and even had a few friends, but something called to his inner-being. That calling was the desire to spend time with llamas.

Bob decided to move to Idaho, since he heard that land was cheap and some of it had gold in it. Bob Saliga packed up his few belongings and llama books into a rental truck and headed west.

Bob found that he was a natural at llama ranching. He was able to increase the size of his herd rapidly with special, secret breeding processes. But llama breeding success wasn't enough for Bob. He wanted to share the beauty and fun of llamas with all people, and so he opened the ranch up to the public in 1997.

For more information, to order Llama products, or for reservations, please contact Jersey Bob:

Bob Saliga
Jersey Bob's Llama Ranch Inc.
Route 1, Box 10
Crooked Tree, ID 83709

Also, you can drop a line on Llama Talk! It's a great way to exchange ideas with fellow llama lovers, and Bob even drops in to chat [when he's not out tending to the herd]!

Bob's Recommended Reading

Medicine and Surgery of South American Camelids: Llama, Alpacas, Vicuna, and Guanaco

This is the most comprehensive llama book I've found. Now I didn't get ALL of my secrets from this book, but I did learn how to keep my llamas in peak physical condition prior to butchering!

Llamas on the Trail:
A Packer's Guide

When you're in the llama business, you're always looking to cut costs. That is why I love this book. It will teach you how to get your llamas in the best shape and how you can load maximum weight on them.

Is Your Mama a Llama?

Well mine isn't, but this is a great book! When I have kids, they'll definitely be required to read this before they start working the kill floor. It's also available in Spanish - Tu Mama Es Una Llama?

Guide to Raising Llamas:
Care, Showing, Breeding, Packing, Profiting

This book is okay for the novice or beginner. The 'profiting' section doesn't cover some of the most important topics like llama hides, llama meat, and llama byproducts. Rest assured, these subjects will be covered in detail in my upcoming book, Jersey Bob's Guide to Llama Factories.

Butchering Livestock at Home

Let me tell you folks, butchering a llama isn't as easy as it sounds! This book will help you, like it helped me, get started in the exciting world of llama meat. The book doesn't have a chapter on llamas specifically, so I would recommend using a combination of the cow and sheep butchering techniques when you start out.