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Ted Turner's One Billion Will Be Used To Finance U.N. Invasion Of North America!

Reported November 23, 1997
New Jersey USA

When I first read about Ted Turner’s one billion dollar gift to the United Nations, my journalistic instincts immediately told me that there was trickery afoot. The fact is that I was not prepared for the shocking truth that I uncovered: Ted Turner gave the United Nations one billion dollars to fund their upcoming invasion of the US territories in exchange for title and land.

My investigation began when I received a late night call last month. The caller did not give his name and was extremely brief -- "CNN equals New World Order propaganda, does not equal news. Believe only your hands. Important information was discovered in dumpster. That is all". The following day I found an invoice underneath my door (the caller evidently placed it there). It appeared to be a typical arms invoice (see right), but that was only until I saw that the United Nations was listed as the purchaser. Another interesting part of the invoice was the purchase amount of 998 million dollars. This, of course, is within 2 million dollars of the amount given by Ted Turner. This was not a coincidence – the two million dollar difference was obviously eaten up by bureaucratic waste inside of the U.N.

Following up on the invoice, I proceeded to collect extensive evidence that painted a clear picture of U.N. conspiracy and treachery. Several key sources indicated that Ted Turner will be given the title of Governor and Admiral of the North Americas as reward for his one billion dollar tribute. This will give Ted military command of the U.N. forces that will invade the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Ted will also be responsible for occupational control of North America after the U.N. conquest. This would include putting down popular revolts, managing forced labor and concentration camps, and re-education of the conquered peoples (N.W.O. brainwashing).

It is anticipated that Ted Turner will put his Hollywood wife, Jane Fonda, in charge of United Nations’ anti-aircraft forces. This is due to her past training with Viet Kong and other communist anti-aircraft crews. According to reputable sources, Jane has spent the last twenty years documenting and studying North American air warfare techniques. Her travels, vacations, and places of residence have been "conveniently" located to strategic military installations and population centers. And Jane was able to learn from Iraq’s mistakes by watching CNN coverage of the Gulf War.

As I dug deeper into this case, I discovered that Germany is playing a leading role in the U.N. invasion plans. A number of sources reported that the U.S. government had intercepted a message from Germany destined for the German embassy in Mexico. In the message, Germany offered to help Mexico win back some of the states it had lost in the Mexican-American War (California, Texas, etc). The help would be given in exchange for Mexico’s support in the upcoming war. The national press and U.S. government are obviously heavily involved in the UN invasion conspiracy, because I have never heard of this message before.

Because of this investigation, I have become a marked man. On numerous occasions, I have received phone calls where the caller was silent. Also, when I was at the Qwik Mart the other night a man stared at me for a very long period of time.

They have not kept me silent.

Bob Tufnel
Independent Investigative Reporter


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